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mY kInD oF lIfE

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My names Karissa and im a new christian this year and its great...i struggle some but everyone struggles some i think...i like to meet new friends and go to brick and amp (christian music party) every friday but its taking a break for awhile im not good at telling people bad things that happen so most the things you hear from me are happy things...i love bracelets their my friend!! and i love youth group the ones i chose to go to...some im not to happy to go to...i like bands like Words Of Grace (www.wordsofgrace.net) and Substance (www.hiphopsubstance.com) and runway36 (www.runway36.com) and Ellen Marvin (www.ellenmarvin.com)you should join her forum!! moxie bliss (www.moxiebliss.com)and many MANY more theres just way to many to list those are all christian bands up there that i listed and then theres 15 year old Aaron James Karr he's awesome!! hes from Utah and really cool you can find out about him at www.aaronjameskarr.com hes awesome im his state leader!! well ill talk to you all later!! bye!!